Dedicated Care for Young Patients

Parkway East Hospital launched a new pediatric clinic on 18 January, expanding its range of pediatric services to cater to the increasing needs of young patients and their family.

Located on the third floor of the hospital, the new pediatric clinic not only offers general pediatric services, it also specialises in allergy-specific services for infants, children and adolescents including allergic rhinitis and asthma evaluation and management, food allergy and anaphylaxis management and drug allergy evaluation.

The clinic is headed by Dr Mohana Rajakulendran, an experienced pediatrician at Parkway East Hospital who specialises in the treatment of pediatric allergic conditions.

Officiating the ribbon cutting ceremony was Phua Tien Beng, CEO of Singapore Operations Division, Lee Suen Ming, CEO of Parkway East Hospital and Dr Mohana Rajakulendran.