Celebrating Our Mentors

Shining the spotlight on Lee Ley Ai, Nurse Manager at Parkway East Hospital, Singapore, for nurturing our nurses of tomorrow.


With over two decades of nursing expertise spanning diverse medical domains such as medical-surgical, ICU, maternity, OT recovery and day ward, Nurse Manager Lee Ley Ai stands as a beacon of experience and compassion. 

The majority of Ley Ai’s career has been dedicated to IHH Singapore, where she found the ICU particularly impactful, given the critical nature of patient situations and the profound impact on recovery and well-being.

Currently at Parkway East Hospital, Ley Ai leads a dedicated team of nurses, ensuring the seamless functioning of nursing units. Her responsibilities include coordinating schedules, enforcing policies and procedures and, most importantly, driving her team to uphold the highest standard of patient care.

At the forefront of Ley Ai's priorities is fostering a culture of safety. A staunch advocate for workplace safety and health, she actively promotes a safe and positive environment through targeted health and safety training, regular safety audits, and a recognition programme rewarding staff for exemplary safety practices. Her commitment earned her the Workplace Safety and Health Award for Supervisors – a prestigious national-level recognition for elevating safety and health standards in the workplace.

Despite her extensive experience and accolades, Ley Ai remains grounded in her approach, mindful not to burden her nursing team with undue pressure.

“Motivating my team involves fostering a supportive environment, recognising their efforts, providing professional development opportunities, encouraging open communication and building positive rapport. I believe that a motivated and well-supported nursing staff, with strong interpersonal connections, leads to better patient care and overall job satisfaction,” says Ley Ai. 

Among the many influenced by Ley Ai's leadership is Senior Staff Nurse Penelope Panganiban, who views Ley Ai as her mentor and role model.

“I’m grateful to Sister Ley Ai for her unwavering commitment to staff growth and for nurturing a supportive work environment. Her exceptional leadership, compassion and dedication make her a role model for many of us. From constant encouragement to celebrating achievements, she cultivates unity and pride within our team. I’m honoured to thrive under her guidance at Parkway East Hospital’s Day Ward.”

Indeed, true leadership is defined by guiding others to success, and we proudly recognise Ley Ai as a valued member of the IHH Singapore family.

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