Another triumph for price transparency

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong has partnered with FTLife Insurance Company to launch a unique medical insurance plan that offers patients greater peace of mind through more affordable and transparent healthcare services.

Through this collaboration, patients can benefit from value-added services such as ward upgrades for a more comfortable and restful stay and cashless payment upon discharge. The Reach FTLife mobile app also enables them to get information on specialist doctors and instant bill estimates on colonoscopy and gastroscopy procedures.

Dr Kenneth Tsang, Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, said, “Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong is committed to providing innovative, highly transparent and quality healthcare services that cater to the changing needs of our patients. We have been developing strategic partnerships with different industries to launch innovative healthcare solutions. We are delighted to deepen our partnership with FTLife to offer a seamless ‘insurance and medical care’ experience which allows more personalised and convenient healthcare for patients.”