Adding That Special Touch

The pandemic crisis is a stressful period for many, even more so for individuals with special needs who have contracted COVID-19. 

When 12-year-old Soumyadeep, who has delayed development and borderline autism, tested positive and was admitted to Fortis Hospital, Anandapur for breathing difficulties, severe pneunomia and repetitive seizures, the Fortis team knew they had to give greater support to him and his family.

Besides comforting and cajoling the boy, who was often fearful and easily agitated, the team went beyond their call of duty to make things better for him. They moved him to an airy and sunny room with TV entertainment, food and snacks to create a more uplifting and comfortable environment for him and allowed his parents to accompany him throughout the treatment, whilst maintaining safe distancing protocols.

Soumyadeep was all smiles when he was discharged 15 days later. Great job to our Fortis team for always giving their all to our patients!