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The country where your care will take place enables MyHealth360 to provide you with services available in that country.
To start receiving reminders for your appointments, you may sign in with your MyHealth360 account and tap on Settings > Marketing Consent, and toggle the necessary options.
You may view and download your medical reports through Access Medical Records in the app. These reports may then be shared with others at your discretion.
For inquiries regarding personal data, please review our MyHealth360 Data Privacy Policy . For information regarding medical data usage, please review our Terms and Conditions.
We are sorry to see you go. Please get in touch with us at +65 6812 6499 for us to help you delete your account.
IHH Healthcare is the parent company of:
  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital
  • Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
  • Gleneagles Hospital
  • Parkway East Hospital
  • Parkway Shenton Medical Group
  • Parkway Shenton Family Clinics
  • Parkway Laboratory
  • Parkway Radiology

Powered by IHH Healthcare MyHealth360 is a mobile app that gives patients access to their medical records across these facilities through one single platform.

You should be able to receive SMSes from MyHealth360 if your telecom provider is based in one of the following countries: Brunei, China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos PDR, Myanmar, or Thailand. We are actively working to expand our reach and hope to include more countries in the future.

In the event that you able to receive SMS OTP but the SMS OTP did not reach you after the second request, a voice OTP option will be made available. Tap on the 'call me with an OTP' option to receive your voice OTP.

Yes, you have an option to receive an email OTP. Simply tap on Settings>Security and Login >Enable Email OTP>Send verification email and follow the steps required to activate email OTP.
We recommend users to log out after each session to safeguard account security.


For DigiHealth users

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Your DigiHealth account will be migrated to MyHealth360. Please update your DigiHealth app through your respective app store to seamlessly transit to MyHealth360. Simply login with your existing username and password to continue accessing our healthcare services.
Your medical records on DigiHealth will be migrated to MyHealth360. Please update your existing DigiHealth app through the Apple App or Google Play stores. Following the update, login with your existing credentials to retrieve your medical records.


For MyHealth Connect users

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The MyHealth Connect app will gradually wind down TeleConsultation services from September 2022. Please download the MyHealth360 app and create a new MyHealth360 account to access TeleConsultation services.
Your past medical records on MyHealth Connect app will not be migrated to MyHealth360. You may continue to access your past medical records in MyHealth Connect till 31st December 2022 or email for further assistance. 



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Yes, you can. MyHealth360 TeleConsultation is supported on both Apple and Android devices. Simply ensure your iOS device is running version 14 or above, and for Android users, version 10 or above.
The doctor will attempt to contact you either through SMS or your email. Should this not be possible, the session may be rescheduled with no additional charges or fees incurred.
After payment is made for your TeleConsultation, you will be notified via SMS and MyHealth360 app push notifications to view your TeleConsult summary. The summary may consist of receipts, doctor’s memos and/or referral letters and e-MCs. Alternatively, you may tap on “Medical Records” to access the TeleConsult summary at any time.
e-MCs are available on the app for both walk-in clinic visits at Parkway Shenton as well as TeleConsultations via the MyHealth360 mobile app.
When you add a dependent to your account, all TeleConsult sessions for your dependent will be recorded under your account. You will have access to your dependents' TeleConsultation records in your MyHealth360 account. Should your dependents create their individual MyHealth360 account, all TeleConsult sessions completed under their respective personal accounts will only be available there.
After your TeleConsult video session ends, you will be notified through an SMS, or push notification to make payment. Please follow the instructions on the SMS and the MyHealth360 app push notification.
Refunds are handled on a case to case basis. For services already rendered, there will be no refunds available. For assistance, please contact us at


Health Screening Purchase

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You may purchase any Health Screening Packages available to you on the app. Tap on ‘Services > Health Screening’ and select your desired package.
Parkway Shenton clinics and Executive Health Screening Centres are conveniently located across the island. Please select your preferred location during appointment booking.
You may select your desired health screening package, pay via credit card and schedule an appointment immediately after payment.

Alternatively, you may schedule an appointment later at your convenience after purchasing your health screening package.

Upon a successful transaction, you will receive an order confirmation email. You can also review your order status in the MyHealth360 mobile app under 'My Orders'. You will be able to schedule or make changes to your appointment from your orders listing at 'My Orders'.

You can make payment for your order with Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.
To utilise your preferential corporate rate for Health Screening, please make an appointment with Parkway Shenton here.
Health Screening Packages purchased on MyHealth360 are valid for one (1) year upon purchase.
During your Health Screening appointment, our colleagues at Parkway Shenton will assist with your package upgrade or add-on tests as needed.
You will receive an order confirmation email with your invoice upon successful transaction. Alternatively, you may retrieve your order statuses from 'My Orders'' via the MyHealth360 mobile app.


Appointment Bookings

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You can now make appointments via MyHealth360.

For corporate clients, please refer to MyHealth Wallet for your Corporate Program to view panel listings and make bookings. 

Available appointments includes:

  • GP services
  • TeleConsultations
  • Health screenings
  • Specialists services
  • Maternity tours
My Health Planner functions as a health buddy for preventive healthcare matters such as vaccination and health screening appointments. MyHealth360 offers recommendations on relevant healthcare services tailored to your lifestyle.

Booking an appointment with our Specialists and GP doctors refers to upcoming scheduled appointments you may have with our specialists or general practitioners.


Services and reports

You can now access your medical records from IHH Healthcare directly on MyHealth360.

For Outpatients
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No, the information, services and tools made available to you on MyHealth360 are not intended to be used as medical advice, diagnosis or a recommendation regarding starting (or ceasing) a particular treatment plan. It should not be used in an emergency and is not intended as a substitute for any medical professional. Services provided by the third parties, including the Healthcare Service Providers, are independent from the Services of the App and are outside of our control.
No. This feature would be made available in the future. Results for family members (elderly parents or children) will have to be accessed separately using their registered mobile number.
Laboratory results have an average wait time of 7 days from the time the test was done. Blood and Urine test results from Parkway Shenton will be made available after 24 hours. You will be notified during weekdays via SMS or through MyHealth360’s push notification to view your results.
Radiology results can take up to 3 working days to be available from the time the test was done. You will be notified during weekdays via SMS or through MyHealth360’s push notification to view your results.
Please check that your clinic registration information matches your MyHealth360 account registration information. If you require further assistance, Whatsapp our call centre by tapping on the Whatsapp icon or call +65 6812 6499.
We are availing laboratory results that are meaningful to patients. For example, cholesterol levels in Lipid Profiles that patients can trend over the app. The laboratory results will be updated in chronological order, with the most recent ones first. Previous laboratory results will be made available in future versions of MyHealth360.
You can expect an SMS notification on the availability of your laboratory test result 7 days after your test was completed and the results are updated in our system. Blood and Urine test results from Parkway Shenton will be made available after 24 hours. The SMS will contain a view link for your results on the MyHealth360 app. Please ensure that the mobile number used for your MyHealth360 registration is the same one used in your clinic registration.
You can expect an SMS notification to be sent to the same mobile number provided during clinic registration 3 days after your visit. The SMS will contain a view link for your results on the MyHealth360 app.

For Inpatients
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Yes. Regardless of where you are, you will receive an SMS / MyHealth360 app push notification to access your radiology reports in the MyHealth360 app 3 days after the results are available in our system. For laboratory reports, the wait time for you to receive the SMS / MyHealth360 app push notification will be 7 days after your test is completed.
No. MyHealth360 will only reflect the final summarised bill after a patient is discharged. Please check with our hospital colleagues should you need to view your interim bills.


Symptom Checker

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The symptom checker is a tool made available by MyHealth360 in partnership with Ada Health. Based on your symptoms, the app will display plausible conditions with information & available treatment options.
No. The symptom checker is a pre-diagnosis assessment feature that does not constitute a medical diagnosis made by a medical professional. Seek out a medical professional for a medical diagnosis to ascertain your condition and possible treatment.
The symptom checker is available on the MyHealth360 mobile app. To use the symptom checker, download the app and create a MyHealth360 account. The symptom checker can be located under ‘Services’ in the MyHealth360 mobile app.
After using the symptom checker to check for possible health issues, you will receive a comprehensive report regarding your symptoms. You may decide to seek the advice of a medical professional for further care and treatment.
The symptom checker assists you in gaining clarity about your symptoms so that you may decide on  the care you need. It also enables a robust discussion with your healthcare provider regarding your symptoms.
Yes, you may do so at your discretion by saving a copy of the report on your device to enable access to your healthcare provider.