Where Good Is Not Good Enough

The relentless pursuit of excellence is a hallmark of IHH. In Shanghai, Parkway Hospital People’s Square and all our clinics raised the bar in service excellence with the successful launch of a new, user-friendly hospital information system (HIS) on 1 February. Over at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, the newly introduced My Gleneagles SmartHealth mobile application was updated in early February this year to better cater to our patients’ needs.

Both initiatives have received positive feedback from their users who lauded the convenience and ease of use of the new HIS system and enhanced mobile app.

In Shanghai, the new HIS system gets the thumbs-up for reducing the amount of data entry work by doctors for diagnosis, ordering and accessing of electronic medical records. The system has also passed the litmus test of cross-clinic operations, online purchases and patients’ utilisation of packages at different clinics.

In Hong Kong, the integrated SmartHealth mobile app has made it easy for our patients to manage their appointments and care for their health.

Besides providing clinical information and services to patients, the app provides real-time estimated waiting time at our 24-hour Outpatient & Emergency Department, point-to-point navigation at the hospital and a preview of service flow and scheduled appointments.

The virtual personal health assistant also allows patients to access the health records of their care recipients, giving them a comprehensive overview of their loved ones’ medical history and current health status.

This is just the beginning, as the work continues to improve the systems to achieve greater experience for all users.