Three Surprises for 3rd Birthday

Lunch served by the management team, custom-made sweets and a travel bag with handwritten message from the hospital CEO Dirk Schraven – Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong presented three surprises to all employees as a creative way of marking its 3rd birthday in COVID-19 times.

Not letting the pandemic dampen its 3rd anniversary celebrations, the hospital set up a special photo booth where individuals and teams captured the special moment and contributed to a montage that tells a compelling story of teamwork and fun.

Unbeknown to them were the three surprises in stored.

#1 - The hospital management team delighted our employees by personally serving them lunch at the Gleneagles Bistro, as a gesture of appreciation for their contributions and hard work.

#2 – Custom-made anniversary sweets were distributed to all staff on this joyous occasion.

#3 – Each employee also received a 3-in-1 travel bag and a special greeting card hand-written by Dirk Schraven, Chief Executive Officer of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong.