Quest For Quality

Sometimes, simple things like redesigning a form and training our nurses how to use it properly can achieve wonders. A team at Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur did just that and successfully reduced the number of unplanned patient transfers to ICU and HDU by more than 80 percent. For that, they won the Malaysia Operations’ annual Quality Improvement competition out of a bumper crop of 37 entries this year.

The Quality Improvement competition is an annual competition aimed at improving patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Each project is rated based on clarity of objective, content, analysis using appropriate quality tools, project outcomes and sustainability. This year, the competition drew 37 project submissions from Nursing, Pharmacy, Operations, Rehab, Lab and Front Office, which was more than double from last year.

Ten teams were shortlisted to present their projects before more than 200 management and staff in a virtual meeting, where a winner was determined.

Congratulations to our winners and let’s keep the quality fire burning.