Partnership Amid Lockdown

While borders have closed, a new partnership has opened up for our IT teams from Malaysia and Turkey Operations in the form of Project One/Cerebral Plus.

Since April, they have been collaborating via video conferencing to develop a robust and integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) for our Malaysia hospitals, modelled after the HIS system ‘Cerebral Plus’ that is currently used by our Acibadem hospitals in Turkey.

The new HIS will replace the current Fisicien system used by our Malaysian hospitals. Benefits include multiple data standardisation, ease of changes, seamless linkages across functions and comprehensive data analytics, among others. It will also create a common IHH technology platform that will provide operational excellence across our different markets.

As this is a monumental digital transformation, various departments and hospitals across Malaysia and Turkey Operations are involved. The teams have been sharing best practices and developing additional capabilities for the system to ensure that it can fully support operational excellence within our Malaysia hospitals.

The exploratory work for Project One/Cerebral Plus was completed last year and development of the new HIS for MOD by the team in Turkey will commence at the end of June 2020. The new system is expected to be pilot tested in early 2021 at one of our hospitals in Malaysia.