One-stop Innovation Portal For Our Staff

IHH has launched an internal Innovation Portal to recognise and facilitate sharing of innovation projects, connect staff with relevant and interesting digital health companies, and provide access to relevant research and market reports. Highlights of this portal:

1. Innovation Portfolio Companies - IHH is a strategic investor in early stage innovative digital health companies. Staff can take a look at what our portfolio companies can offer and how we are working with them.

2. Proprietary Start-Up Database - Enable IHH staff to look for relevant technologies or solutions.

3. Featured Innovations – Spotlights innovation projects across our markets.

We hope this portal will help our staff and various functions enhance IHH’s clinical, operational and service capabilities to deliver even better patient care. Through Innovation, we can achieve and deliver “Care. For Good”.

If you are a digital health company interested in connecting with IHH, you can email us at