Observing World Environment Day As One IHH

Through our aspiration to ‘Care. For Good.’ at IHH Healthcare, we strive to provide excellent care and outcomes to our patients; champion total well-being, development and inclusiveness for our people; give back to the public in which we operate; while protecting our only home – our planet.

Since fully committing to our Sustainability efforts two years ago, IHH Healthcare has made significant strides. Our work though is far from over as we remain steadfast in our commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and improve waste and water management practices.

Our journey includes advancing technology, governmental actions, and the efforts of companies and individuals like us. Together, we can drive positive change.

“Watch IHH’s World Environment Day video to learn about the critical link between climate change and human health, and discover how we're paving the way towards a healthier future.