Embracing Gender Diversity

Providing women with strong employment opportunities has earned Acibadem the 4th spot among 100 companies in Turkey for women-friendly workplace.

In the ‘Women-Friendly Companies Survey’ for 2019 conducted by Capital Magazine – one of the leading business world journals in Turkey, Acıbadem outdid the four other healthcare companies on the list, at 4th position.

Tahsin Güney, CEO of Acıbadem Healthcare Group, said: “The number of female employees has increased from 11,000 in 2011 to about 21,000 as of 2019, which accounted for 62% of our total employees.”

At Acibadem, we prioritise staff’s skills, knowledge and experience for career advancement. Our job appointments are based on the individual’s merits without considering gender or any other source of discrimination. Therefore, we employ women at every level of our group, and they are just as productive compared to their male counterparts.

The team focuses on training and practices that boost knowledge and skills of all employees. Healthcare being a delicate sector, requires numerous occupational groups to cooperate and work in synergy. Therefore, we train both our medical and administrative staff in their respective fields and help them achieve their career goals.

We also have leadership development for employees who have shown potential for attaining a higher level of success in their fields. As a result, many of our female employees have attained great career success and are now in senior management positions.