Celebrating the Miracle of Life with Blooming Digital Art


An innovative, ‘living’ digital artwork titled New Born is serving up a visual feast at Acibadem Ataşehir Hospital and clinching awards in Turkiye. Created in partnership with the country’s leading digital artists Hakan Yılmaz and Süleyman Yıldız using the birth data of more than 145,000 babies delivered in Acibadem hospitals, the artwork celebrates the miracle of birth with a flower symbolising the birth month of every new baby. As more flowers are added after new births, this digital artwork will continue to evolve and grow on the giant screens of the hospital.

The artists who combined art and technology into this 7-minute artwork couldn’t be more proud of their masterpiece. “We developed a new software for this digital artwork. It begins with the audio data of babies’ first breaths processed into virtual dynamic sculptures and showcases the simultaneous heartbeats of Acibadem babies through representation of different flowers,” shared Hakan Yılmaz and Süleyman Yıldız.

With this inspiring digital artwork, Acibadem won “Excellence in Design Features - Creative Data Presentation for Corporate Communications” and “Excellence in Design Features - Strategic Storytelling for Corporate Communications” at the Communicator Awards.  It also bagged the Silver Award in the category of “Corporate Image and Credibility Management” at the Brandverse Awards.