Taking away a meal? Why not Bring Your Own (BYO) lunchboxes and play a part in protecting our planet! 

In line with our sustainability goals to use less single-use plastic, our Food and Beverage team at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong has gifted all staff with a delightful reusable meal container set which include meal boxes, cutlery and a soup bowl.    

To sweeten this initiative, staff who bring this reusable meal container set to take away the daily lunch or set dinners at Gleneagles Bistro get to enjoy a special discount.

Dr Kenneth Tsang, CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, said: ““To promulgate a plastic-free culture, it needs to be hassle-free for staff - even better if there is an incentive. So we put our heads together and went for something direct -  getting a meal box for them with discounted meals for using their own box!”

Small acts can have a big impact. Kudos to our Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong team for going the extra mile to #careforourplanet!