Building Trust With Patients Through Actions

Congratulations to Ng Bee Hong, Nurse Clinician at Gleneagles Hospital Singapore and our nurses from Ward 4D, Mount Elizabeth Hospital for winning the 2020 Parkway Pantai Service Excellence Award for individual and team categories respectively. Dr Kelvin Loh, Managing Director and CEO of IHH Healthcare presented the awards to the proud winners on 30 July, during one of his visits to Singapore Operations facilities to thank staff for their vigilance and resilience during the COVID-19 crisis.

Service Excellence Award (Individual): Nurse Clinician Ng Bee Hong

Nurse Clinician Ng Bee Hong has been a Pain Management Nurse in Gleneagles Hospital Singapore for 22 years. She was also the winner of Q3 2019 Service Champion Award (Nursing).

An exemplary staff who is passionate about her work, Bee Hong is both confident and tactful when managing patients with pain controlled analgesia (PCA). She will always have time for her patients and doctors and would go the extra mile for them no matter how busy she may be.

For Bee Hong, the award means recognition for her years of hard work.

"It gives me great satisfaction when I see my patients recover and get discharged early," said Bee Hong.

Service Excellence Award (Team): Ward 4D Mount Elizabeth Hospital

The Ward 4D team credits their win to putting patients first in all that they do.

“Regardless of how small the request is, we will do our very best to make our patients feel comfortable,” said Senior Nurse Manager Yau Chuen So.

Their unwavering dedication to patient care were reflected in several achievements in 2019: improved intravenous (IV) cannula fixation for early detection of phlebitis; introduced visual cues to improve communication between nurses and auxiliary care providers; reduced IV infusion pump alarm; undertook POSH Project (Physiotherapy, Oral Care, Skin Care, Hair Care); and set up Hyacinth Room for counselling.

Kudos to our 2020 winners for showing the quality of care that enables us to deepen trust with our patients.