Better Protection for Kids

On 1 August 2019, Greater China Operations Division launched the Fosun United Parkway Kids Medical Insurance, in a strategic move to engage the high-end local Chinese patient segment.

This new and innovative pediatric health insurance product is designed in exclusive partnership with Fosun United Health Insurance, a leading China health insurer.

Antony Compton, Head of Insurance Partnerships for Greater China Operations Division, said, “China’s healthcare system has seen rapid changes in recent years, with a growing significance in family and a shift towards higher healthcare priority for the young. This new insurance product is therefore designed to meet this growing need, providing healthcare protection as well as healthcare maintenance and management for both children and their families.”

Key highlights of the Fosun United Parkway Kids Medical Insurance include:

  • Newborns can be insured alone without additional conditions
  • Designated ParkwayHealth pediatrician available 24 hours a day to answer patient calls and to provide healthcare advisory and health management for babies all year round
  • Patients can receive medical treatment at ParkwayHealth facilities in Mainland China at a flat fee of RMB 100 per visit. With referrals from ParkwayHealth physicians, patients can also choose to receive treatment from local public hospitals without any co-payment fees
  • An annual total of RMB 6 million in guaranteed coverage for comprehensive outpatient and inpatient services at ParkwayHealth facilities and selected local public hospitals
  • Coverage for medical expenses is automatically extended to families of the insured child, where family members are eligible for discounts on medical services at Parkway Health facilities
  • Optional immunisation packages provided for children during growth and development stages