Mount Elizabeth Hospital To Undergo Major Refurbishment

Mount Elizabeth Hospital Wall-breaking Ceremony

The team at Mount Elizabeth Hospital (MEH) started the new year with a bang – literally! A wall-breaking ceremony was held on 3 January to mark the start of Project Renaissance, a S$350 million retrofitting project to be carried over the next 3 years and the launch of the MEH Campus Masterplan to right-site certain healthcare services to adjacent buildings in the vicinity. This marks the first major refurbishment for the hospital since its founding in 1979.

The MEH Campus Masterplan includes relocating healthcare services that typically require lesser clinical support from the hospital to allow consolidation and expansion of inpatient hospital-based clinical services. Patients can also enjoy greater comfort and convenience when they seek treatment at these centres, without having to enter the hospital.

In addition, the hospital will refresh its public-facing areas with a new drop-off point and lobby. Equipment and technology upgrades and significant infrastructure improvements will also be made. Expansions to its emergency department and its inpatient and outpatient treatment centres, as well as improvements to ward configurations, will be carried out for better workflow, comfort and overall patient experience. Most importantly, the hospital’s clinical assets and backroom will be redesigned around the needs of its patients and staff while ensuring better connectivity, safety and privacy.

Dr Prem Kumar Nair, CEO of IHH Healthcare Singapore, said: “For over 40 years, Mount Elizabeth Hospital has provided top-notch care to our patients. Project Renaissance aims to ensure that we are well placed to continue providing this level of care, with state-of-the-art facilities and expanded services once the renovations are complete.”