1 APR 2023

Investigator Manual Edition 6.0, Apr 2023

Investigator Manual Edition 6.0, Apr 2023 is now released. All applicants are reminded to always refer to the latest version of PIEC Guidance, Manuals and Forms from the website.

31 MAR 2023

Change in PIEC Hotline

Effective 1 April 2023, PIEC Hotline will be changed to 6277 8272. The previous PIEC contact number 6349 5747 will cease to be in use from 1 October 2023.

Informed Consent Form Update (Administrative Change)

All applicants are given a grace period of 6 months to update PIEC contact details in the informed consent forms. Please download the PIEC Amendment Cover Note and submit the revised ICFs to obtain PIEC approval before 30 September 2023.

Sample statement for adoption:
“An Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Ethics Committee (EC) is an independent group to protect the rights and well-being of subject volunteers participating in research. If you want an independent opinion of your rights as a research subject or to provide any feedback about this research, you may contact the Secretariat of Parkway Independent Ethics Committee (PIEC) at 6277 8272 or piec@parkwaypantai.com.”

24 DEC 2021

PIEC Submission for 2022

Effective 1 January 2022, all applicants are required to make electronic submission to PIEC via email/ Sharepoint for all types of submissions. All applicants have to endorse the application using electronic signature by AdobeSign/ DocuSign only. Scanned/ Inserted image of signature is not acceptable.

Please email piec@parkwaypantai.com with the following details for access to Sharepoint (for new applications):

  • Study title
  • Protocol number (if any)
  • Billing details (company to bill, billing address, contact person, email & telephone number). Include PO number, if applicable
  • Share