Ms Nili Shayrina binti Saat has more than 25 years of experience in Risk Management with broad industry experiences and market exposure in South East Asia and the Central Europe, North Africa and Middle East region.

Prior to joining IHH in 2018, Nili was the Director of Risk Management and Business Process for Eagle Hills Properties in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates where she oversaw the risk management and business process improvement functions for the group.

Preceding this, she was attached to Iskandar Investment Berhad for six years, holding several roles including the Innovation Chief, spearheading the Innovation initiatives for the organisation, and Head of Risk Management & Compliance where she was responsible for setting up the function.

Academic/Professional Qualification(s)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting and Finance of Lancaster University, UK
  • Certified Integrity Officer (CeIO) of Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy


  • Does not have any family relationships with any directors and / or major shareholders of the Company.
  • Does not have any conflict of interest with the Company.
  • Does not have any convictions for offences within the past five years other than for traffic offences, if any.
Nili Shayrina binti Saat

Nili Shayrina binti Saat

Group Head, Risk Management & Compliance

Nationality: Malaysian
Gender: Female
Age: 49 (As at 5 April 2024)
Date of Appointment: 19 November 2018