Mr Ashok Pandit, appointed as Group Chief Corporate Officer of IHH on 1 April 2024, is responsible for reshaping IHH’s portfolio to preserve, capitalise and create value-added opportunities in existing and new markets. He oversees corporate functions such as innovation, group strategy, business development, investments, performance management, IHH Labs and other functions as required to ensure the organisation’s continued success in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Mr Pandit joined IHH in May 2021 as Group Chief Special Projects Officer, with over 28 years of investment banking experience in Asia Pacific. In August 2021, he took on an enlarged portfolio as Group Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer overseeing special projects, business strategy and business development.


Before joining IHH, he was Managing Director, Global Co-Head of Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds and Head of Financial Sponsor Coverage (Asia Pacific) at Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore. During his 15-year tenure at Deutsche Bank, Mr Pandit held senior investment banking positions, advising leading global institutions and corporations on capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and advisory and capital restructuring. He led deals that raised over US$100 billion in the capital markets and was a key player in IHH’s US$2 billion IPO in 2012, which was ranked the world’s third largest IPO of the year.

Academic/Professional Qualification(s)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Delhi College of Engineering, India 


  • Does not have any family relationships with any directors and / or major shareholders of the Company.
  • Does not have any conflict of interest with the Company.
  • Does not have any convictions for offences within the past five years other than for traffic offences, if any.
Nili Shayrina binti Saat

Ashok Pandit

Group Chief Corporate Officer

Nationality: Indian
Gender: Male
Age: 58 (As at 5 April 2024)
Date of Appointment: 1 April 2024