Determined not to let the plight of underserved people worsen by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Shibal Bhartiya (pictured rightmost), Ophthalmologist from Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, decided to take action. Soon after the lockdown came into effect, she has been distributing dry food such as rice and pulses along with soap and detergent in aid of the needy in her neighbourhood. Before long, she began to help migrant workers as well by giving them bottled water and packet food. By end-April, she had singularly contributed more than 4,600kg of rice and pulses, 2,000 packets of biscuits, 2,000 soap cakes and 500kg of detergent. Tapping on her medical knowledge, Dr Shibal also helps workers who go door to door to collect trash by ensuring that they take the necessary precautions and observe good personal hygiene – so that they can stay safe and keep others safe from the virus.