Testing positive for COVID-19 can be a nerve-racking experience, even more so for expectant mother Nigy Ritto. The staff nurse at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh found out she was infected a day before she was due to deliver her baby.

Luckily for Nigy, she did not have to face the ordeal alone. Her colleagues came through for her and ensured she had a safe and smooth delivery in the very hospital she serves.

"I am thankful that I work for a hospital that takes utmost care of its employees. The support from everyone overwhelmed me. I was their first COVID-19 delivery case and I could sense the burden of responsibility on their shoulders. With their support, the delivery went smoothly. I am also relieved that my baby was tested negative," she said.

The hospital also paid for the cost of her hotel quarantine post-delivery.

Now fully recovered and back in Kerala where she is basking in the joys of motherhood with her family and two-month-old daughter, Nigy did not forget to thank her colleagues with a touching note:

"Was I the only one who had given birth in the midst of a pandemic after testing positive for a highly contagious virus? Probably not. But the way I was treated will remain etched in my memory for a lifetime. Fortis was my family and I was their daughter."