Creating New Frontiers in Healthcare

Our universities bring together medical education and research to transform patient care. We collaborate with public and private health sectors and organisations worldwide to translate cutting-edge research into real benefits for patients and communities. By advancing medical research and knowledge, we are improving healthcare for all.


Integrating Education with Research and Practice

Blending Education and Practice

International Medical University (IMU) in Malaysia is a pioneer in integrating medical education with research and healthcare practice. Students get exposure to research projects through the established IMU Institute for Research, Development & Innovation (IRDI). They gain extensive clinical experience through partnerships with leading hospitals in Malaysia and at IMU Healthcare clinics specialising in medical, dental, Chinese medicine and chiropractic care. By 2022, IMU will open its own IMU Hospital to further complement its university and outpatient services.

Cultivating the Next Generation of Doctors

Cultivating the Next Generation

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong is a full-scale private teaching hospital in affiliation with the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Health System. Gleneagles acts as a clinical training ground for HKU medical students, allowing them to gain the widest exposure and experience in a private healthcare setting. This training benefits their long-term development, which will in turn benefits patients.

Supporting Ethical Research

Supporting Ethical Research

Parkway Independent Ethics Committee (PIEC) reviews and monitors research involving human subjects conducted in Singapore. As an independent committee made up of medical, scientific and non-scientific members formally designated to function as an institutional review board, PIEC has the authority to approve, require modifications, or disapprove research, to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of the human research subjects.

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