Zoom In On New Norm for JCI

Know what ‘Zoom escorts’ are? They are our colleagues in Singapore who are trained to be the eyes and ears of Joint Commission International (JCI) surveyors on the ground, as all four hospitals prepare for reaccreditation as a hospital network in November.

This year’s JCI survey will be done entirely via Zoom due to travel restrictions across borders.

To enable the surveyors to ‘walk the grounds’ virtually, ‘Zoom escorts’ are assigned and trained to operate their phone cameras efficiently to give the surveyors a pleasant experience.

“Holding the phone still for more than 2 to 3 hours is physically tiring, but the team shares tips and advice with each other on how to make things better,” said Chan Hoi Ki, Operations Executive and “Zoom Escort” for the JCI survey at Gleneagles Hospital Singapore.

Date: 19 Oct 2020
Topics: Teamwork, Awards
Brands: IHH