Ever since Hong Kong recorded its first COVID-19 case on 23 January 2020, the 8-member Microbiology team from Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (GHK) Clinical Laboratory has taken on a new responsibility – getting the hospital equipped for in-house COVID-19 testing.

Despite the pressing timeline and global shortage of test kits and reagents, the team achieved great success in the last few months. Today, GHK is capable of testing up to 150 COVID-19 samples daily in its laboratory. The hospital uses two test platforms (POCT or point of care testing and PCR or polymerase chain reaction testing), to provide quality and efficient service to meet our patients' needs.

Between end of March and end of May, GHK tested more than 200 cases, while supporting the Hong Kong Government Department of Health's Community Deep Throat Saliva Surveillance Programme with about 300 cases.

The hospital is ramping up its testing capacity to meet the anticipated surge in testing demand as the government prepares to open up its borders to businesses travellers with negative COVID-19 nucleic acid testing result certification.

By making COVID-19 testing available to our patients and the medical needs of our clinicians, GHK is helping to stem the spread of the virus in the community. It is also keeping our hospital safe for our inpatients and frontline staff, ensuring that GHK continues to provide uninterrupted healthcare services during the COVID-19 pandemic.