Business Model

IHH Healthcare is a leading premium private healthcare operator. The Group's vast healthcare network is built to provide a full spectrum of healthcare services and related services to create sustainable value for our stakeholders, which includes providing excellent clinical outcomes for our patients.

FINANCIAL CAPITAL IHH Healthcare has a strong financial profile in our home and key markets. We have good access to capital and invest for growth with a disciplined and prudent approach supported by a cash-generative operating model.

PHYSICAL CAPITALThe Group boasts an integrated healthcare network with multi-specialty hospitals, medical clinics, and a comprehensive range of ancillary services across 12 countries. As a leading premium integrated healthcare service, our hospital facilities are equipped with the best-in-class medical equipment and technology to provide their services.

HUMAN CAPITAL The skills and experience of our employees are instrumental in building relationships with our patients and stakeholders. Our multi-pronged talent retention programme offers competitive remuneration, training and development opportunities to attract and retain high quality clinical and non-clinical staff.

CLINICAL GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORKOur Board of Directors and management team have established an all-inclusive clinical governance framework to ensure that all patients receive the best possible care.

INNOVATION CAPITALOur focus on individual patient experience drives our quest for innovative solutions to improve patient care and outcomes. Leveraging intellectual and digital assets brings us benefits in the area of hospital bill estimates and empowers our patients to seek treatment options that are most cost efficient and effective for recovery.

BRAND CAPITALOur healthcare brands, including but not exclusive to Gleneagles, Mount Elizabeth, Pantai, Parkway Shenton, ParkwayHealth and Acibadem, are reputed for their premier service quality and are among the most prestigious in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

SOCIAL AND RELATIONSHIP CAPITALOur commitment to our key stakeholders is paramount to the level of service we provide. We proactively engage with our patients, employees, doctors, business partners, governments and communities to build long term relationships.

As a leading healthcare service provider, we offer a thorough and integrated network of clinical services designed to complement each other for an exceptional patient experience.

PRIMARY CAREAccess to basic day-to-day healthcare services via outpatient treatment of common illnesses, routine check-ups and vaccinations. This includes preventive care and patient education.

SECONDARY & TERTIARY CARESecondary care comprises specialist consultation, local surgeries, emergency care, laboratory services, diagnostics and acute treatment. Tertiary care goes a step beyond with specialist consultative care, advanced treatment or complex surgeries and inpatient care

QUATERNARY CARE Quaternary care is an advanced level of medical care, which involves high-intensity complex surgeries, such as organ transplants, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. These vastly complex clinical procedures require highly trained, experienced surgeons and best-in-class intensive care units and facilities.

Centres of Excellence and Clinical Programmes:

COMPLEMENTARY ANCILLARY SERVICESOur suite of complementary ancillary services includes comprehensive diagnostics, analytical laboratory testing, therapeutic radiology, physiotherapy, integrated rehabilitation and advanced molecular diagnostics.

MEDICAL EDUCATION We offering quality education in health and medical sciences to train and develop nurses, doctors, allied healthcare professionals and other medical and healthcare sector professionals.

PATIENTSOur patients are at the centre of what we do. They rely on us to give sound medical advice and deliver superior clinical outcomes, with the help of the latest medical technologies. When our doctors and specialists are well-equipped with knowledge and have access to excellent laboratories for diagnostics and other services, our patients are assured of speed, comfort and high-quality medical care.

EMPLOYEESWhen employees know and feel that they are valued, they are motivated to do their best. Competitive remuneration and a nurturing work environment aside, we provide continuous training and development opportunities for all our employees in both clinical and business services.

DOCTORS & BUSINESS PARTNERSWe view our doctors, healthcare professionals and vendors as important partners, and we seek to establish a relationship of trust and mutual growth for long-term winning outcomes. The doctors enjoy access to our best-in-class medical equipment and professional support from our staff. Our suppliers and vendors are required to be registered and approved by the local regulatory bodies for the sale of medical consumables and pharmaceutical items. We engage suppliers who are ethical and committed to the sustainable development of the business.

SHAREHOLDERS We deliver value to shareholders through growth in capitalisation and shareholder returns. We reciprocate their trust and loyalty through active stewardship of the company based on a strong corporate governance framework.

Healthcare Edge

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