Our Sustainability Approach

We embed sustainability across all aspects of our business. The illustration demonstrates how our business strategy, sustainability pillars, the Sustainability Policy and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals come together comprehensively.

Our Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy is aligned with the our sustainability approach. It builds on our vision and mission, strategic thrusts, sustainability strategy, core values and pillars of sustainability.

Our Sustainability Policy Tenets

  1. Conducting business with the highest standards of ethics and transparency across our operations.
  2. Ensuring compliance with legislation, regulations and codes of practice governing healthcare facilities in the countries we operate.
  3. Delivering sustainable economic growth and returns to our investors and enriching the local economy.
  4. Continuously engaging with relevant stakeholders who include, but are not limited to patients, employees, suppliers, students, amongst others, to address and manage their concerns and expectations of the Group.
  5. Constantly working to improve the quality of our healthcare services to ensure delivery meets stakeholder expectations.
  6. Ensuring that stakeholders receive quality healthcare services through highly trained medical, nursing and administrative staff.
  7. Identifying and monitoring the environmental impacts of the Group’s business activities and facilities to improve our environmental performance.
  8. Improving environmental awareness amongst employees and promoting green practices where possible.
  9. Contributing to local communities and assisting them in improving and enhancing.