Sustainability at a glance

In our role as an international premium healthcare service provider and a dual-listed entity, the IHH Healthcare Group recognises that we have a responsibility to secure our future and create long-term shared value for our stakeholders. To this end, we are committed to ensuring responsible management and sustainable development across the Group on the Economic, Environmental and Social fronts.

Our inaugural Sustainability Statement serves to provide some insights into how the respective businesses within the Group continue to work together, leveraging on each other's strengths and resources to embed the agenda of sustainability within our organisation. Our efforts to prioritise sustainable growth are helping drive operational excellence as well as providing the momentum for the Group's businesses to continuously improve business efficiency.

This Statement focuses on four areas, namely our Patients, People, Organisation and the Community that we operate in. We highlight our clinical performance and our efforts to deliver premium, top-notch healthcare services to our patients. We also spell out our people development initiatives and showcase what we are doing to provide our employees conducive work environments where they can stay safe, healthy and give their best. Finally, we touch upon how our investments in communities are bringing real value to society. We trust this maiden report will provide some tangible insights into the good progress we are making and will continue to make to safeguard the Group's sustainable growth pathway.

Our Business, Markets and Scope

Sustainable Growth

Our Sustainability Roadmap and Governance


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