Healthcare Network

IHH Healthcare offers a full spectrum of services across the value chain from Primary Healthcare Clinics, to Secondary and Tertiary Hospitals, to Quaternary care centres, all the way to Complementary and Ancillary Services, supported by Medical education facilities. Designed to complement each other, this one-stop continuum of care provides quality clinical outcomes, through realized synergies across the Group.

Primary Care

Basic healthcare services to meet day-to-day patient needs:

  • Out-patient treatment of basic illnesses, routine check-ups, vaccination and dental services by physicians, nurses or family doctors.
  • Malaysia: Twin Towers Medical Centre

    Singapore: Parkway Shenton (Over 50 medical centres and clinics)

    Turkey: 13 outpatient clinics with outpatient operations and day surgical services

    India: Gleneagles Global Clinic, Adyar

    The PRC & Hong Kong: 9 centres in the PRC and 1 in Hong Kong catering to self-pay or corporate-insured segment in urban and expatriate communities

    Bulgaria: 1 Tokuda Hospital outpatient medical centre and 3 Acibadem City Clinic medical centres

    Source Date: January 2017

    Secondary & Tertiary Care

    Secondary care at our leading hospitals and laboratories include:

  • Specialist consultation, local surgeries, emergency care, laboratory services, diagnostics and acute treatment

  • Tertiary care includes:

  • Specialist consultative care, advanced treatment or complex surgery and inpatient care.
  • Malaysia:
    Parkway Pantai is the second largest private healthcare provider by licensed beds ― Ten Pantai Hospitals & Four Gleneagles Hospitals operating on a 'hub and spoke' model.
    - Hubs have a wider range of specialties, in large urban areas while Spokes have more common specialties, in smaller urban centres or large towns.

    Parkway Pantai is the largest private healthcare operator - Four JCI-accredited, multispecialty tertiary hospitals; Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital and Parkway East Hospital, with more than 1,400 credentialed specialists.
    - More than 20 patient assistance centres across the globe, providing patients seamless care and one-stop referrals to its hospitals and services.

    Acibadem is the leading private healthcare provider ― 16 hospitals in Turkey, one each in Macedonia and Iraq, with more than 2,700 licensed and operational beds, mostly private, single-bed suites.

    The acquisitions of Global and Continental has brought our capacity in India to more than 2,000 hospital beds and propelled us into a leading tertiary and quaternary care provider in the country

    Through the acquisition of Tokuda Hospital and a simultaneous merger with City Clinic, Acibadem becomes the leading private healthcare operator in the country with four hospitals totaling approximately 750 beds.

    Gleneagles JPMC Cardiac Centre, Jerudong Park has 23 licensed beds, two major operating theatres and two cardiac catheterisation laboratories.

    Source Date: January 2017

    Quaternary Care

    High-intensity complex surgeries and organ transplants performed in our hospitals which require:

  • Experienced surgeons, best-in-class facilities, adoption of global best practices and delivery of outstanding patient outcomes.
  • Malaysia / Singapore / Turkey / India / Bulgaria: Centres of Excellence and Clinical Programmes:

  • Cancer Centre / Institute
  • Cardiac Centre / Programme
  • Hematology and Stem Cell Transplant Centre
  • Eye Centre
  • Women's and Children Centre
  • Neuroscience Programme
  • Orthopaedic Programme
  • Transplant Programme

  • Source Date: January 2017

    Complementary Ancillary Services

    Comprehensive range of complementary ancillary services including:

  • Laboratory and pathology services
  • Physiotherapy and rehab
  • Emergency help and transportation
  • Home health services
  • Hospital project management, design and refurbishment
  • Malaysia: Pantai Premier Pathology ― high quality diagnostic and analytical laboratory testing for referring medical practitioners

    Pantai Integrated Rehab ― professional services including:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Specialised exercise instruction
  • Integrated rehabilitation
  • Singapore: ParkwayHealth Radiology ― comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic radiology to Parkway Pantai hospitals and third-party patients - ParkwayHealth Laboratory provides clinical laboratory, histopathology and cytogenics

    Turkey: Complementary stand-alone ancillary healthcare businesses include:

    • Acibadem Mobile Services ― Emergency assistance and transportation , home healthcare services before and after visits
    • APlus ― Health sector-oriented food catering, cleaning, laundry, facilities management and human resources services
    • Acibadem Project Management ― Planning, implementation, control and turnkey consultancy services for major investments

    India: Apollo Gleneagles PET-CT Centre ― located in Hyderabad, the PET-CT centre provides diagnostic services using Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography for patients.

    Source Date: January 2017

    Medical Education

    Quality education in health and medical sciences trains and develops succeeding generations of nurses, doctors, allied healthcare professionals and other medical and healthcare sector professionals at varying levels:

  • Undergraduate & Graduate - Medical education franchise in IMU, IMC and Parkway College
  • Ongoing training ― In-house personnel upgrading

  • Home Markets

    International Medical University (IMU) ― Malaysia's first private healthcare university, established in 1992, offers 24 programmes locally and in partnership with 34 institutions worldwide

    International Medical College (IMC) ― Founded in 1993 as Pantai College of Nursing & Health Science, IMC leverages on IMU as a sister institution and a network of over 40 hospitals worldwide for training and potential employment opportunities

    Parkway College ― comprises the School of Allied Health, School of Healthcare Management and School of Nursing. Established in February 2008, it is among the first six awarded Council for Private Education, Singapore's EduTrust Certification.

    Source Date: January 2017